Wednesday 9th October 2019

Wednesday 9th October 2019

Substance Misuse

Support is available:

Hare Coursing

It is an illegal form of poaching involving a 'competition' in which dogs are, by the use of live hares, assessed as to skill in hunting hares. It often takes place at dusk or dawn at harvest time (late August/early September) when large tracts of land are without crops.

Look for a group of vehicles (usually estate cars, 4 x 4's or vans carrying dogs) parked in a rural area, by a farmland gateway, on a grass verge, track or bridle path. Coursers often travel in convoy with minders’ vans front and rear.

If you witness hare coursing, contact the police immediately on 999 or 101. Do not approach the participants. Together with our rural communities, we can tackle hare coursing in Surrey's countryside.

Handbag Snatch

We have been investigating a bag snatch by a cyclist which occurred yesterday morning at 9.55 am in Randalls Road, Leatherhead. Street crime is often opportunistic. See our tips on how to stay safe and feel more confident when out and about:

Distraction Burglary

We are investigating a distraction burglary at flats in Stubs Hill, Goodwyns. Don’t ever buzz anyone in that you don’t know – even if they say that they’re expected by another resident. Always keep an eye out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours because community matters:

So, how can you protect your property from intruders? This visual guide to home safety shows just some of the small simple steps that you can take to make your home secure:

Rural Crime Awareness Week

Joe Bailey, Animal Warden, works closely with the neighbourhood officers at Mole Valley to address any dog-related concerns or incidents. We actively encourage the public to report concerns and incidents to the Animal Warden or Police, as appropriate, to enable positive interventions.

~Andy Reid (Surrey Police, In The Know Community Administrator, Mole Valley)



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