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Brockham Emergency Response Team is a volunteer community resilience group - helping the community as 1st responder during floods or other threats, supported by BEVs Brockham Emergency Volunteers. It also provides a Local Community email news/alert service - to receive or re-subscribe to that, please enter your email address in the Join Mailing List box provided. The team has been awarded The Queens Award for Voluntary Service. A full log of BERT work and deployments can been reviewed using the Find Us Online link below.

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Tuesday 20th August 2019

Lower Road Unauthorised Encampment

Officers are aware of the unauthorised encampment on the Lower Road recreation ground in Bookham. We have made Mole Valley District Council aware of the encampment. Further information about unauthorised encampments can be found here:

A Man Who Stole from a Disabled Family Member has been Jailed for Burglary

Michael Carey, 30, of no fixed address, was sentenced to 14 months in prison at Guildford Crown Court on 12 August after he pleaded guilty to the offence, which took place in Ashtead last year. Carey broke into a property on Brookers Close, Ashstead, sometime between 4 and 7 May 2018 and stole jewellery and a laptop. Following a number of enquiries, Carey was arrested in Portsmouth a few days later and subsequently charged.

Moped Stolen in Dorking and Attempted Theft of Motorcycle in Ashtead

Reduce your risk of becoming a victim by taking steps to layer your security:

Attempted "Water Leak" Scam in Oveton Way, Bookham

An offer to fix it for cash or an inflated price! Don’t feel pressured. Don’t agree to sign a contract or hand over money at the door. Think about it and talk to someone you trust:

Think! Late Last Night, Mole Valley Officers were Quickly on the Scene

After a call reporting a drink driver heading down Wolvens Lane, the vehicle was intercepted and the driver arrested and charged:

Nitrous Oxide can be Very Dangerous when Inhaled

If you take too much nitrous oxide you risk falling unconscious or suffocating from the lack of oxygen. People have died this way. Worth thinking about eh' - not just a bit of fun? Read about the other risks here: Hundreds of canisters were recently found in Betchworth. If you experience any associated antisocial behaviour call us via 101 or report it online

Section 59 Warning

We issued a Section 59 first warning (the vehicle will be seized if the driving persists) for using a byway illegally off Headley Road, Tyrrells Wood, on Sunday 17th August.

Recent Burglaries

17/08/2019 - 19/08/2019, Ottways Lane, Ashtead (Business Burglary):

~Andy Reid (Surrey Police, In The Know Community Administrator, Mole Valley)



Birds are Still Nesting

Please be aware that some birds are still nesting. Kindly check carefully before you trim hedges, trees and bushes; preferably waiting for another few weeks. I was about to trim a large bush today and luckily the gardener noticed a small occupied nest.

Thank you!




Old School Lane, From Today, For 10 Days, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Openreach, BT have closed Old School Lane for 10 days. They are replacing poles and overhead lines. Residents will have access but may have to think which would be the best route in and out. We hope that the disruption will be far outweighed by the improved quality of the service.

~Cllr Simon Budd



A Spate of Catalytic Converter Thefts

Since the beginning of August eight reports have been received from Reigate and Banstead, eight reports from Epsom and Ewell, seven reports from the Tandridge area, and one report has been received in Mole Valley. We are working hard to establish if any of the reports are linked. Enquiries are ongoing to identify and apprehend the perpetrators. The vehicles targeted are predominantly the Toyota Prius and Honda Jazz.

The best way to prevent theft is to make access to your car’s converter as inconvenient and difficult as possible. Here are some tips to prevent catalytic converter theft:

  • Park in well-lit areas where possible.
  • Park close to building entrances or the nearest road in public car parks. This leaves your vehicle in a location where many people can see it.
  • If you have a garage, use it and keep it locked.
  • Consider CCTV if your vehicle is parked on your driveway or a RING-type device.
  • Adjust the security system on your car or have one installed that will activate upon vibration, such as those produced by a saw.
  • Install a catalytic converter-specific security device, such as ‘ARMACAT’ or ‘CATLOC’ -
  • Consider ID Etching - Etching a catalytic converter with a serial number will help police track a stolen converter. Overtly advertising that a vehicle is protected by property marking may also deter offenders as it will potentially reduce the opportunities for selling on the converters at reputable scrap metal dealers. More information on ID etching can be found at
  • Consider welded bolts - If a catalytic converter is a ‘bolt on’ it is possible to have the bolts welded shut. This is only a deterrent to the lowest grade of catalytic converter thief working with a wrench but may still be enough of a deterrent to help prevent a theft.
  • Report suspicious activity to the Police. Obtain as much information as possible, including any vehicle registrations. Anyone with information can call 101. In an emergency or, if a crime is in progress, always dial 999. Alternatively, if you do not wish to leave your name, please call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
~Jim Pusey (Corporate Communications Officer, Surrey Police)



Brockham Village Bar

Village bar

Please note the Village bar will be closed tonight (Monday) due to staff sickness.

We will update tomorrow if the situation is ongoing

Wendy Harvey

Youth Council Wildlife Haven

Missing Man

Surrey Police released a statement today to say the Mr Cowell has now been found

Earlier article -

Clive Cowell, 72, left his home address around 5 pm yesterday to post some letters. He was last seen in Young Street, Fetcham, around 6 pm. He may have taken a bus.

For more information, click here:

If you have seen Clive, or you have any information as to his whereabouts, please contact Surrey Police on 101, quoting reference number PR/P19187230.

~Emily Apsley



Animal Charity Help Wanted

Help for Animals

Are you planning to go to Bournemouth during the next few weeks?

If so, would you be willing to take items we have collected for Friends of the Strays of Greece?

Clean Towels, Collars for Dogs and items suitable for a Tombola are needed urgently for some animal charities we support.

My contact for the charity could collect the goods from you in Bournemouth if convenient.

Also needed are volunteer occasional Dog Walkers for when regular walkers are away or indisposed.

For any of the above please ring Peggy on 0173784 2547 or 07880 911461 afternoons or evenings.

Please leave your name and number if I don't answer your call.

Thank you.

Peg Brown



I have an 'Outback' bar-be-que available for free complete with a Calor gas cylinder and weather cover.

There are also new lava coals. The internal shelf does need a bit of soldering, otherwise all is in working order.

I am giving it away but it will need a handy man to look at the internal burnt area .

So free, with a donation to Bert

If interested please ring Sally on 01737 844112

Police Appeal for Help to Find this Extremely Vulnerable Man

Clive Cowell, 72, left his home address around 5 pm yesterday to post some letters. He was last seen in Young Street, Fetcham, around 6 pm. He may have taken a bus.

For more information, click here:

If you have seen Clive, or you have any information as to his whereabouts, please contact Surrey Police on 101, quoting reference number PR/P19187230.

~Emily Apsley