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Brockham Emergency Response Team is a volunteer community resilience group - helping the community as 1st responder during floods or other threats, supported by BEVs Brockham Emergency Volunteers. It also provides a Local Community email news/alert service - to receive or re-subscribe to that, please enter your email address in the Join Mailing List box provided. A full log of BERT work and deployments can been reviewed using the Find Us Online link below.

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BERT Curry Evening (Reminder)

BERT Curry Evening – FRIDAY 6 April 2018 – Royal Oak 7.30pm – 10.30pm

If you haven’t already booked your place for the BERT curry evening, please contact the Royal Oak on 01737 843241 so that catering can be organised.

This event is for all the BERT team, BEVs and Young BERT and anyone in the village who supports all the things that we do. This is not a fund raising event, just an opportunity for people to meet one another, be able to talk and feel a part of the team.

Chicken or vegetarian curry - £5 or £2.50 for Young BERT (or any youngsters under 18) with an option for them of paying £5 and having two soft drinks.

Attendees to contact Oak on 01737 843241 and book a place, which is essential so that catering can be organised.

Buy your own drinks as you go from the bar

This is a social evening for all our friends and supporters, so hope to see plenty of you there!

Band Concert

From Ann Clinch

The SOUTH LONDON CONCERT BAND will be playing in Betchworth Village War Memorial Hall on Saturday afternoon, March 24, where doors will open at 2.30pm for 3pm performance.

Tickets available at the door at £8 or in advance from Brockham Overseas Aid Committee (ring 842866) at £7.

Come and enjoy an afternoon of lively music drawn from films and shows - both popular favourites and delightful ones you may never have come across before!

Timber Available

Subject: Oak planks.

We have 60 waney edge oak boards 4ft to 7ft long 2 inch and 1 inch available for a donation to BERT OR NATIONAL TRUST.

Ideal for raised beds.

Phone Clive 07739 281300

Dorking Rugby Club Event - Sunday 25 March

We have received this information from Dorking Rugby Club:

Hi! Just wanted to give local folks a bit of advance notice. Dorking rugby club is hosting a minis festival next weekend with around 2,500 kids - it means that traffic in the area may be difficult between 9:00am and 10:40.

We apologise for anyone who is inconvenienced, but it should settle quickly as we get people parked.

Telephone Fraud

NFIB Alert - False Telephone Preference Service Calls

Fraudsters are cold-calling victims, falsely stating that they are calling from one of the well-known UK telecommunication service providers. They call victims claiming to provide a ‘Telephone Preference Service’ - an enhanced call-barring service, which includes barring international call centres.

The fraudsters ask victims to confirm/provide their bank account details, informing them that there is a one-off charge for the service. Victims instead see monthly debits deducted from their accounts, which they have not authorised. The fraudsters often target elderly victims.

In all instances, direct debits are set up without following proper procedure. The victim is not sent written confirmation of the direct debit instruction, which is supposed to be sent within three days.

On occasions when victims attempted to call back, the telephone number provided by the fraudster was either unable to be reached or the victim’s direct debit cancellation request was refused.

During 2017, there were 493 Action Fraud Reports relating to this fraud.

Protect yourself:

  • There is only one Telephone Preference Service (TPS). The TPS is the only official UK 'do-not-call' register for opting out of live telesales calls. It is FREE to sign-up to the register. TPS never charge for registration. You can register for this service at
  • You will receive postal confirmation of genuine direct debits. If you notice unauthorised payments leaving your account, you should contact your bank promptly.
  • Always be wary of providing personal information, or confirming that personal information the caller already claims to hold is correct. Always be certain that you know who you talking to. If in doubt hang up immediately.
If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting or by calling 0300 123 2040.

Message Sent By

Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Bob McCarthy

Bob is on the right getting an update from the Parish Council Chairman

Mr Robert "Bob" McCarthy has died

It is with great sadness that BERT reports the death of Bob McCarthy one of our supporters from the start. Poor Bob was stricken with dementia and has spent the last two years in a care home where his devoted wife Mary visited him almost every day. Many of us will always remember Bob for his generosity and the ready smile and a good gossip at his gate for North View on Brockham Green.

The funeral will be at noon on Wednesday 28 March at St Joseph’s RC Church in Dorking followed by a reception at the Burford Bridge to which Mary hopes many of you will attend.

Mary has asked that this message be circulated to all Bob’s friends in the village he loved.

Bob B

Brockham Village Meeting

Councillor Gill Venables has asked that the above poster for the Brockham Parish Council Meeting be sent out for your information.

She says that it should be a very interesting and informative talk.

All are welcome to attend.

The Coach Road

Re: The Coach Road

In answer to an enquiry about the lorry activity along the Coach Road, Simon has confirmed that :-

It would appear they are once again delivering treated sewage to a field off the Coach Road, just past the pond. He reiterated that it is nothing to do with Budds or Pondtail Farm. The field belongs to Park Farm estate which is in the Punchbowl Lane area. It is not a farming practice that he particularly agrees with but on the other side of the coin, he says, we all produce it!

His best advice is to avoid the area for a few days until it has time to dry and form a crust.

Cats Wanting Homes


2 young friendly cats, one 6 months and one, a year old, need quiet homes with gardens away from busy roads. Bella and Jenny are both predominantly white with tabby patches and black patches respectively. They can be homed together or separately. They have been spayed, vaccinated and chipped.

We are also looking for FOSTER HOMES. Do you have a spare room which could be used to house a cat securely while we seek a permanent home? Food and cat litter would be provided.

Further information from Peggy on 01737 842547 or 07880 911461. Please leave a name and number if I do not answer your call.

Flooding Incident Update

Thames Water promptly attended the flooding problem which was caused by a blockage in the sewer system in the main drainage system at Strood Green.

The blockage, caused by a fat ball and baby wipes, has now been cleared. The water company will return later to clear up the residue.

The local residents were extremely helpful by assisting Bert set up pumps, spreading the word by knocking on doors of adjacent properties and by helping to reduce water usage in the area.

Well done to everyone involved.

It is hoped there will be no further problem.