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Brockham Emergency Response Team is a volunteer community resilience group - helping the community as 1st responder during floods or other threats, supported by BEVs Brockham Emergency Volunteers. It also provides a Local Community email news/alert service - to receive or re-subscribe to that, please enter your email address in the Join Mailing List box provided. A full log of BERT work and deployments can been reviewed using the Find Us Online link below.

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Young BERT Work Party 12/2/17

12 February 2017:

This morning a Young BERT working party (along with several adult BERT) cleared a large quantity of leaves from the ditch close to the Old Surgery in Wheelers Lane - a spot critical to the free flow of water to the Mole.

Work was also carried out in the drainage ditch by Vicarage Cottage on The Green (after a large quantity of leaves that had previously been cleared out had been kicked back into the ditch).

Sorry, not had a rant for some time!

Having returned with yet another bag of litter picked in Wheelers Lane this morning I checked the ditch past the church to the grill outside Vicarage Cottage. I have undertaken a number of visits to the grill to remove considerable amounts of leaves washed into the system, as this is a CRITICAL point for keeping the water flowing as blockages here have led to flooding of the church and school.

Someone has kicked back into the ditch all the leaves I have taken out during recent weeks causing an almost complete blockage.

It will all have to be done again and it is heavy work.

If you have a young person in your house you could point out the selfishness and stupidity of what they have done. If it is an adult I give up!

Maybe the school could tell their pupils why the leaves are taken out of ditches. Tell them if they feel tempted to throw litter or kick leaves or substantial twigs into ditches these may cause flooding.

We can only stop Brockham flooding again if we all do our bit so please keep your ditches clear and pick up litter. No point moaning about it do something!

Sorry, not had a rant for some time!

Bob B

BERT Granted Charity Status

As many of you will know, BERT was originally created by Simon Budd, Bob Bartlett and Bob Thomas, following the floods of 2013 when, on Christmas Eve, 90 houses were seriously flooded, 20 cars written off and people in their vehicles were washed away and left stranded on the roofs. The image attached reminds us of the misery caused and why there was seen to be a real need for residents to take action to help prevent this from happening again in the future.

Since that time, BERT has recruited and trained over 50 adult volunteers (and 12 Young BERT) to help provide assistance and information to Brockham residents during severe weather or other local emergency, and to turn out for organised working parties to help keep drains and ditches free flowing.

As the size of the organisation and range of activities grew, it was decided that it would be appropriate to apply for registration as a charity, as it was felt that this would establish the organisation as part of the fabric of the community, for generations to come.

Having identified a number of volunteers who were willing to become Trustees of the charity, and following a long application process, we are delighted that this week we were granted formal charity status. The charity name is 'Community Support in the Countryside' (Registered Charity Number 1171175).

There is always equipment, protective clothing etc. to finance and BERT continues to be funded by generous public donations and local fundraising activities. We are always looking to recruit new volunteers that we can call on in the event of any future emergency - if you would like to be included on our growing list of willing helpers, we would love to hear from you - simply contact us at

Always Work To Be Done

Having had a lead role in organising the BERT Work Party on Sunday, Bob Bartlett was to be found this morning on the green, clearing a mass of leaves from the ditch, that would undoubtedly cause problems if left there. Well done Bob!

Report on BERT Work Party Sunday 8 January 2017

We had a good turnout for today's work party, and a lot of good work was done on the drains and ditches around the village.

For the report and action photographs, including some 'before' and 'after' pictures, click on this link - BERT Work Party Report 080117

For the report that relates to work done in Strood Green, click on this link - BERT Work Party (Strood Green) Report 080117

As you can see from the reports, there is always work to be done. Thank you to all who turned out - it was great to see several new faces on the team.

Work Party Sunday 8/1

Hope to see lots of helpers on Sunday - an hour of your time will help to avoid problems for you and your property.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from BERT

Middle Street Tyre fly-tipping incident

This evening 30/11 at approx 1945hrs the BERT Emergency number was called by a member of the community who witnessed a van travelling at speed thro the village with a side door open and someone throwing old tyres out as the vehicle travelled along Middle St.
To avoid any possibility of an accident from debris on the road, BERT members have just completed a pickup of all the fly-tipped tyres & have marshalled them at the NORTH side of the Borough Bridge (nr the salt box) and will negotiate this fly-tip collection by MVDC - however we all end up paying for the anti-social behaviour of these fly-tippers when dumped on public land & perhaps worse, private land owners have to foot the bill when these people dump their rubbish off the public highway.

Unfortunately the VRN of the vehicle involved in this incident was not noted but if anyone has any information or perhaps check their dash cam if they came into the village these evening around that time ........ no doubt MVDC & the Police would be interested. Do please pass any information on to

New Protective Clothing for BERT

Young BERT and several members of Adult BERT were issued with a new range of protective clothing on Saturday morning, (26 November). The clothing was sponsored in part by Johnston Sweepers of Dorking and from contributions following sales from Brockham Community email.

Twelve of Young BERT were supplied with the new clothing ensuring there was room for growth! If any youngsters, male or female, aged 14 or over would like to volunteer for Young BERT please make contact with Adults will also be welcome. It is understood that as volunteers you may not always be available.

The issue of the uniform, (including white tabards that will be worn by team leaders) was undertaken by team members Zoe Collins and Jane Gardner.

Click on these links for more photos:

BERTuniform2 (ps - no they are not! Bob B)



Bob Bartlett

Storm Angus 20 November 2016

Following warnings from the Met Office, BERT moved to the Alert phase identifying four team leaders and a number of available volunteers should there be trees down or flooding. All BERT pumps were checked and drivers identified for the trailer and to collect sandbags from the district council if necessary. No problems were caused by the storm but a BERT member Colin Truran undertook a reconnaissance of the whole village at dawn and though there was surface water there were no significant issues. The water was running freely through the system but the two grills in the drainage ditches close to the church had to have a considerable amount of leaves and hedge cuttings removed.

More significant rainfall is expected in the next 24 hours and members of community email were encouraged to check their ditches to try and keep them free flowing.

Should any problems arise, do let us know via or in an emergency 01302 GO BERT (01302 46 2378)